Metro Pawn Shop, LLC

At Metro Pawn, we have prided ourselves with bringing customer satisfaction and quality service for nearly a decade. Our Knowledgable Team works with you to get top dollar for your items. Items of interest include:

  • Gold and Silver Jewelry, Coins, and Bullion
  • Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns and Blackpowder Firearms
  • Cars, Motorcycles and Bicycles
  • Musical Instruments
  • TVs, Laptops, Game Consoles and other Modern Electronics
  • Automotive/Power Tools
  • High End Antiques, Collectibles

Store Hours:

Monday - Friday: 11AM - 6PM

Saturday: 12PM - 3PM

Sunday: Closed

Phone Number: (586)-749-7111


  • Rifles and Shotguns: $30
  • Handguns: $35